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Your Regulatory Affairs Partner
for Europe and China

We help you to bring your Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices to the market.

Our services

⟶ Expert support during the whole life cycle of your product

Regulatory Affairs
QbD offers you the complete package to bring your pharmaceuticals and medical devices to the market. Our consultants offer extensive regulatory knowledge to support your team or insource complete regulatory affairs projects.
Run a successful business and achieve regulatory compliancy on various European and Chinese markets. QbD’s business consultants support you on all organisational, financial and management matters.
QbD provides tailor made Quality Management System (QMS) solutions to organisations in the life science industry. Benefit from the knowledge of our experienced and certified quality managers and licenced quality auditors.

We will guide you through the regulatory process of your product and help you to successfully interact with Chinese authorities.

We equip your professionals with high class skills on various regulatory topics through practical and interactive in-house courses and webinars.
QbD can provide a licenced managing director with long-time expertise in the production and trade of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

We provide pharmaceutical companies with a qualified Information Officer to coordinate and monitor the organisation’s information management and marketing activities.

Regularly audit your suppliers and service providers, as well as your own internal organization. You will be assisted by QbD’s team of highly qualified and experienced auditors, which ensures an easy and quick procedure.

Where we operate
CE Marking
Europe (EU)

We are based in Vienna, Austria, in the heart of Europe. Our team members come from various corners of the continent - with a broad regulatory expertise and experience with European Health Authorities.


The Chinese market is large, diverse and full of opportunities – but it can also be a challenging one. Our China RA experts are both familiar with the Chinese regulations as well as the language and business practices.

QbD international
QbD International

QbD Austria is part of the QbD Group, an international organization. With its headquarters in Belgium and offices across the globe (Netherlands, Spain, France, Mexico, Colombia, and many more), QbD is able to execute projects in many places.

Our values



Extra Mile

Getting things done

QbD values - Joy


A job well done is a joy forever! That might as well be our motto at QbD. We love what we do, every minute of the day. 
QbD values - Partnership


Alone, you can do something. Together, we can do everything. That’s why QbD continuously invests in partnerships between people, companies and sectors.

QbD values - Extra Mile

Extra Mile

When it comes to ensuring quality, there is no halfway. At least, that’s how we see it at QbD. That’s why we never settle for solutions that are “good enough”.
QbD values - Getting things done

Getting things done

We’re focused on improving quality wherever we go – that’s why we firmly sink our teeth into every challenge. And we won’t let go until the job is done.

Join our team of highly motivated regulatory experts in Vienna, Austria.

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