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Interim Management

Interim Management means the temporary provision of management resources and skills to meet urgent business needs. Especially in times of transition, crisis or change within an organization it has proven to be an important resource.

QbD is your partner to navigate succesfully through rapidly changing situations.

Interim Management

Opportunities through change

Since Interim Management is frequently associated with critical situations it is often termed Crisis Management. 
At QbD we believe that any challenging situation also offers opportunities and room for improvement.

Our Interim Managers offer rapid hands-on resolution of business problems and are highly experienced senior executives, hired on a short-term basis of typically three to nine months. Organisations may choose managers either to fill roles that are temporary, or to fill critical staffing gaps, for example in times of sudden illness, or during senior executive recruiting processes.

There are numerous advantages using Interim Managers, and QbD is your competent partner to benefit from these.

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