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Product Development

A new medical device starts as an idea or significant improvement to an existing product. But before market entry, new ideas need to be tested.

QbD is your competent partner to bring your ideas to the market.

Product development

Testing new ideas

Depending on the device type, different pre-clinical/biocompatibility tests and clinical trails need to be carried out.

These tests are to ensure that devices placed on the market and put into service do not compromise the safety and health of patients, users and, where applicable, other persons when properly installed, maintained and used in accordance with their intended purpose.

QbD’s life science experts will support on all required tests.

How we support you

Why opt for the QbD Group?


10+ years of experience

Benefit from our team of highly qualified consultants.

Full life cycle support

Full support from pre- to the post-marketing phase.

Global presence

QbD operates globally, at QbD Austria with a special focus on Europe (EU) and China.

Customer satisfaction

Constant evaluation, transparency and clear objectives.

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